BattlEye Rcon - Discord Bot - By Zupa

A discord bot that connects to your Discord & your BattlEye Rcon server to provide you with in-game chat in Discord channels. Execute commands trough Discord chat to easy manage your BattlEye game server. Find a full feature list at the bottom.

ZBot Discordsend

Join the discussion or ask a question. The ZBOT discord server is the place 2 be. Lets make ZBot together!

Invite botadd

Invite the bot to your Discord Server. This is needed for the bot to interact with your Discord Server.

Get Started !play_circle_outline

Head over to the server page and start adding RCON's to your Discord server! Only possible if you are Admin.

  • Features

  • Display local, vehicle, global, side & red chat in separate or shared discord channels. Use Discord channel settings to secure them for the general public.
  • Chats are displayed in their original colors.
  • Players can activate commands with their chats to get feedback ingame or warn a administrator or players on Discord.
  • Setup automated message which the bot displays in your game server.
  • Use rcon functionality through discord chat commands. ( eg: Chat, Ban, Kick, List players, ... )
  • Tested games

  • Arma 2
  • Arma 3
infoFull list of commands